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In the end, it’s what matters!

“If you don’t do it right the first time, when will you have the time to do it again?” These words from my late father, a retired United States Army Major have resonated with me my entire life. It has become such a part of my moral fiber that I have repeated this phrase to countless victims of my frustrated venting on poor workmanship and lazy work ethic.

If you were to pay for a kitchen remodel and just laid out $10,000 for new cabinets and countertops, you’d expect them to be hung 100% level and certainly, the doors would close properly and be aligned evenly. I would think that if they weren’t hung straight you’d complain and you’d be right to do so.

The installer’s answer, “Well, they’re hung mostly correctly” or “The doors close mostly evenly, and almost all the way” doesn’t seem like a response you’d accept is it? How about getting your brake job done 80% correctly? Not a chance right? Yet there are a lot of so-called professionals out there, in all sorts of fields, who feel that doing “just enough” is good enough.

During an investigation, talking to “most of the witnesses” and collecting “almost all of the evidence” is not acceptable. We all know people who show up for work and do the bare minimum not to get fired and still get a paycheck. Sadly, law enforcement has these people too. While some employees are in the wrong profession for the wrong reasons, the vast majority of law enforcement officials want to do the right thing for all the right reasons. Lack of funding for specialized training, maintaining experienced and highly professionals who can pass down their knowledge are but just two reasons why so many smaller agencies do not have the ability to conduct a thorough investigation, even with all the best intentions.

Thankfully, I grew up in a department with exceptional ethics and leadership which demanded the very best from me at all times. We were provided with exceptional training, mentorship and examples of a work ethic that was unmatched. My homicide team wasn’t perfect, but we solved nearly every case we investigated by never accepting mediocrity, working harder than was necessary to satisfy “good enough” and doing the right things, for the right reasons, even when no one was looking.

If you feel your case was not handled to the level you expect, then maybe it is time to have a highly experienced and competent private investigator review your case.

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A Private Investigator for Your Business?

You wake up Monday morning revitalized from a weekend being home with your family and friends. Sure you spent some time working during the weekend to get ready for the coming week. And why not, you are excited because just last week your hard work paid off big time. You not only bagged an elephant client, you scored a great deal on production costs and the savings will really allow your company to grow. You can hire (or re-hire) the staff needed to bring your organization to the next level. This is going to be a great day, a great month, a great quarter! You enter your office fired up and ready to go. You take a sip from your first cup of glory only to hear the words that can suck the wind out of the sails of the tallest ships. “Hey boss, we got a problem…” Now, you are prepared for problems related to manufacturing, shipping, capital improvement overruns and similar issues. You have trained in your field, you built this company from the ground up, there isn’t a problem you can’t handle. 

“Yeah, uh, so boss, I think someone is embezzling from us.” or “Pat is upset and claiming [sexual or racial harassment/discrimination, work place violence, etc] and s/he is waiting outside to talk to you.” This is NOT what you trained for in your MBA program. Nor is this why you started a company. You want to deliver great products to customers clamoring to get their hands on what it is you make and sell. But, now this is your day, your month, your quarter. But it doesn’t have to be.

Pacifico Investigations & Consulting has over two decades of specialized and unique experience to help you and your organization get through this problem. It IS what we are trained for. Our job is to conduct an unbiased investigation and deliver the facts to your organization so that you can deal with it legally, morally and ethically. Maybe Pat has actually been harassed by one of your star employees. Traumatic as it might be for you and your star, an unbiased and factual report that isn’t conducted by people involved in the office politics, provides you with the honest cover you need to make the correct decision. Or maybe the accusations are false. Either way, you need to learn the truth!

Companies and organizations can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending themselves after mishandling a termination, accusations, false-accusation or dealing with difficult employees who sap the leadership team of time, energy and resources. Don’t let this happen to you. Hiring a private investigator upfront with a speciality in dealing with policy violations (known as Internal Affairs in the law enforcement world), criminal allegations and special workplace issues can save you heartache, headache, time and money! 

Call or write Pacifico Investigations & Consulting to get a free assessment quote and learn how we can help you through this difficult time.

Derek Pacifico, President and Founder

Corruption at Work Getting you Down?

“The world will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

No matter what channel I watch, no matter what company or government agency is being discussed, there are seemingly incessant reports of corruption. So has it always been this way? Or are we just more aware of it now with our insatiable 24-hour news cycle, internet access to all things everywhere and social media selecting the most poignant parts and drawing our focus to it more keenly? 

Local law enforcement has always dealt with the stigma of being corrupt. Well let’s face it, the beginnings of law enforcement were indeed corrupt. If you go back into the history of policing, before it became a part of the government operation, criminal investigations were conducted by untrained, unscrupulous private citizens for only those who could afford an investigation. Industrious thieves were stealing from the rich and then putting out their services as investigators to miraculously return the stolen items for a percentage of the recovery. It was a pretty nice gambit back in the day if you wanted to illegally earn a lot of money by abusing the trust of the people you claimed to serve. 

Then in 1829 former British Prime Minister named Sir Robert Peel introduced the world to the notion of standardized policing and created the Metropolitan Police Force in London, England. He advocated for a government-operated, centrally located police headquarters, and a trained, uniformed police force that would be paid salary for conducting proactive policing instead of working privately. If you hadn’t caught this yet, Robert aka “Bobby” Peel is why the British police force are called “Bobbies” to this day. His ideals transferred across Europe and to America via New York and Boston who soon after modeled the formation of their police departments upon the Peel Principles. Sir Robert Peel is known as the father of modern policing and his principles still hold true today and stood the test of time. 

However, if you know your police history at all, you will also recall that it was a Scotsman in 1850 named Alan Pinkerton who created the first private investigation firm in the United States; the same Pinkerton Security Services is still in existence today. It was a private investigator who taught police officers the art of investigations and helped the Chicago Police Department developed the first American detective squad. 

The Peel Principles of establishing a tax-funded police force that was distinguishable from the general populous by their standard uniforms, specific training, records keeping, shift patrols and all of the common ideals – regardless of how they’ve been enhanced by modern technology – were all formulated by this one man. His ideals were created to root out and deal effectively with corruption. For the most part, they worked then and still work now. However, Southern law enforcement, New York and Chicago Police departments are routinely depicted in movies and television as being corrupt. In contrast for many decades, the Los Angeles Police Department was portrayed by fictional television shows such as “Adam-12” and “Dragnet” in such a positive light, that the LAPD was fairly free from regular scorn. But that too changed with a variety of scandals that forever tarnished their reputation.

Movies and televisions love to portray the FBI as perfect, harmonious and righteous men of honor and integrity.  But now even the FBI has come under tremendous scrutiny for deploying politically motivated tactics to sway a presidential election or at best, create a difficult environment for a candidate they did not agree with. In an attempt to not sound slanderous or write something libelous, news media outlets are quick to state that the average FBI agent is a hard-working individual, that the alleged corruption lies solely at the top, and that this is not the norm for the FBI. But, wasn’t there something in the birth of the FBI with regard to J. Edgar Hoover and his methods and tactics of investigating, controlling and influencing politicians and politically motivated cases? It would seem there is some selective editing of history going on with regard to how we “remember” our recent past.

Across this country of ours, there are approximately 700,000 law enforcement officials working 24/7/365 to police our streets, investigate criminal activity and generally keep us as safe as possible. There is no doubt that most police agencies require and demand the highest caliber of training and enforce ethical values and strong internal policies to deliver the best police practices known to the modern free world. However, there is no disputing that there are pockets of areas where police officers are barely trained, the police administration is part of a systemic corrupt political system and the people living in those cities and counties suffer their fates accordingly. 

Most people will do the right thing, the right way for the right reasons, but this isn’t true for everyone. Even some of those who are entrusted with oversight can have a difficult time rooting out corruption because of their fear of reprisals or loss of employment. When those who are charged with protecting the people from corrupted officials, work within the same system themselves and live in the jurisdiction as the corruption, it can be inherently difficult if not seemingly impossible to conduct a proper investigation and take appropriate action. Either from fear or bias, or lack of training and experience in these special investigations, all too often the corruption continues unchecked. 

If your corporation, organization, public agency, city, or government entity is currently suffering under a corrupt form of leadership and you don’t think you have anyone to turn to, think again! Pacifico Investigations and Consulting can help your organization with a comprehensive investigation to learn the truth. 

The benefit of our private investigations firm is that we are not tied to the relationships in your organization, therefore we remain unbiased and we don’t have any fear of retribution. Unlike some local or state agencies charged with occasional oversight, but who otherwise work together with you on other unrelated projects, we don’t have any conflicts of interest. We can conduct an honest and detailed investigation without fear of reprisal. 

Contact Pacifico Investigations & Consulting today to get your free assessment consultation and learn how we can help you and your organization!

Derek Pacifico, President and Founder
Pacifico Investigations & Consulting


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